Holistic Abundance

Free Yourself from Mental and Energetic Blocks

Reclaim Ease, Wisdom, and Flow Amidst Life's Complexities

Healing Technologies for Soul-Deep Shifts

"The inner process takes time and requires as much patience as courage, but as you stay with the process, so you begin to taste the higher frequencies pulsing through your blood.

This is an indescribable gift because it signifies the rebirth of the real you -the authentic you."

wisdom from The Gene Keys

Enter a new dimension, where you become more deeply relaxed ... as yourself.

Returning to your true nature isn't some mystical journey far off in the distance.

It's a homecoming to yourself.

It's the shedding of societal masks and layers of self-doubt that have collected over the years.

It's about letting go of how you think life "should" be and embracing what is — and remembering who and what you truly are.

A powerful creator of your experience here and a contributor to the collective healing of the planet.

What stands in your way from experiencing more simplicity, ease & flow in your life?

You know those invisible walls you sometimes feel are in front of you?

They're often self-imposed limitations, outdated beliefs, energetic schisms or emotional wounds that block your way.

These are the hurdles on your path to living authentically. I know many of them and the way through them, well.

Releasing these blocks is like clearing away thick clouds that obscure the sun.

And guess what?

You are the sun AND the clear blue sky, my friend.

Simplicity + Authenticity =

the Abundant Synergy of


Often on the other side of all of life's complexities, lies a really sweet simplicity. In fact, simplicity is your birthright.

Once you see yourself more clearly, you can wholeheartedly welcome your genuine feelings, desires, aspirations and gifts and usher them into reality in a tangible, Beauty Way.

This is where the magic happens. 

You become aligned with your inner wisdom and cosmic heartbeat.

It's not about striving for some future, perfected version of yourself.

It's about appreciating and loving who you are right now as you welcome in the truest essence of your being.

Because returning to your true nature is the ultimate path to peace, fulfillment, and a life overflowing with love and possibility.

It is really sweet here, and I'd be honored to help you along the way.

Discover Your Path to:

  • Crystal-Clear Intentions

  • Breaking Free from Mental and Energetic Roadblocks

  • Reclaiming Ease, Wisdom, and Flow Amidst Life's Complexities

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Emily is a Holistic Wellbeing Coach based in Savannah, GA.

She was a Map Making Geographer for 13 years until she became fascinated with a new terrain:

the mind/body/spirit network.

With 17 years as a Massage Therapist, a decade as a Yoga Teacher, and 8 years practicing and building a business with the gifts of the essential oils, Emily offers more wisdom than woo.

She skillfully bridges the gap between grounded spirituality and soulful, actionable guidance for holistic well-being.

She's not just about sharing trendy tips, tricks and band-aids. Because she teaches from principles and the wisdom of her own healing experiences, she is able to facilitate soul-deep shifts at the root.

Whether it's through connecting you to the gifts of the essential oils, one-on-one coaching or empowering group experiences, Emily is committed to elevating your life on all levels—mind, body, and spirit.

Reach her on Instagram @emilyannpolonus or

email: [email protected]

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Photo of Emily: Kam O'Neal

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