Your Path to Holistic Prosperity

Activate Abundance in your: BODY|MIND|BUSINESS|SOUL

Cultivate Serenity AND Success in 2024 and beyond.

Welcome to HolSol...

where the inner work and self-care paves the way for Soulful Success + Holistic Prosperity.

This is a sacred container for up to 15 visionary professional women who want to awaken their

inherent abundance and authentic power TOGETHER in 2024.


Imagine a space where your deepest aspirations are not just understood, but nurtured to life through the power of community and group genius.


Where every strategy aligns with your unique soul's calling, and where like-minded women empower each other towards greatness.

In the HolSol Abundance Activation, we make the inner work simple and accessible to lead to exponential outer shifts toward success on your terms.


We will delve into soulful living and the neuroscience of abundance, crafting a life you cherish and are proud of.

You possess a universe of potential.


Are you ready to unlock it?


Join us in this journey of deep healing, abundant living, and transformative empowerment.

Your seat at the table of change-makers awaits.

 Let's rise together!

We begin 1/26/24

Because it is the first round it’s crazy good pricing:


$350 for the first 5 to claim their seat.

Then $497 after that capped at 15.


This will be well over $1000 in the future.

Want to see if this is right for you? 


HolSol is an app (available SOON in Apple & Google) created by Emily Polonus emphasizing Holistic Solutions for a Thriving Life.

This includes:

  • Simple daily practices

  • Soulful Self-Care

  • Mindset & Emotional Mastery

  • Wisdom Teachings

  • Aromatherapy Based Wellness

The goal at HolSol is:

To spark positive change and activate abundance consciousness in every aspect of your life. 

This is through practice and experiential journeying.

We do this through dedication to: 

Simplified Daily Practices: Offering easy and effective daily mindfulness and self care routines that enhance overall well-being and fit seamlessly into your busy life.

Soulful Self-Care:  Encouraging and providing practices that nourish the soul, bringing grounding and calm to everyday life. 

Mindset and Emotional Mastery: Providing resources and coaching to help you master your emotions, energy and cultivate a resilient, growth-oriented mindset.

Aromatherapy-Based Wellness: Integrating the power of aromatherapy into daily wellness routines for natural prevention and support. Learn the inner nature of the plants and how to harness the to shift and steady your energy and health.

A Community of Catalysts:  Building a vibrant community of HolSol Catalysts, each embarking on their unique path to holistic abundance. Together we raise the vibe of the collective from scarcity to prosperity.  

what is holistic abundance?

Holistic abundance is a

comprehensive and balanced

state of prosperity that

encompasses various aspects of your life.

Unlike a narrow focus on material wealth or financial success, holistic abundance includes:

  • 1. Mindfulness and Self-Awareness: Cultivating a deep understanding of oneself and staying present in every moment

  • 2. Emotional Intelligence: Managing and understanding emotions for better personal and professional relationships.

  • 3. Physical Health and Wellness: Prioritizing physical health through exercise, nutrition, and restorative practices.

  • 4. Spiritual Connection: Nurturing a connection to something greater, be it through meditation, nature, or personal faith.

  • 5. Financial Stability and Prosperity: Navigating towards financial security by healing money trauma and rewriting your belief template about wealth & prosperity. Balance ethical financial practices with an abundance consciousness, creating a fulfilling prosperity journey that’s both materially rewarding and spiritually enriching. It’s based on trust and flow vs. fear and lack.

  • 6. Fulfilling Relationships: Building and maintaining healthy, supportive relationships in both personal and professional life.

  • 7. Personal and Professional Growth: Committing to continuous learning and development in all aspects of life.

  • 8. Contribution and Community: Giving back and being part of a community, fostering a sense of belonging and purpose.

Each of these keys opens a door to a different aspect of abundance, creating a life that is rich, fulfilling, and balanced.

We will dive deeper into each of these areas and discover how they contribute to a truly abundant life.

Holistic abundance is about striking balance and thriving in all of these areas, leading to a rich, fulfilling, and well-rounded life.

It's a dynamic, embodied state, constantly evolving as one's life and circumstances change.

You flow with more ease when you activate abundance within your HolSol.

Founders Round Begins

JANUARY 26, 2024

Open to 15

HolSol Catalysts.

Special Founder's Rate



What to expect:

Over six transformative weeks, you'll journey through the HolSol ABUNDANCE Framework:

Assess Your Life: Begin with a comprehensive self-assessment to understand areas of stress and imbalance. Identify triggers and sources of burnout, unproductive patterns and energy leaks.

Balance Mind and Body: Implement daily practices that balance the mind (through meditation and mindfulness) and the body (through exercise and nutrition). Keeping it simple is the key. 

Uncover Emotional Patterns: Learn to see your conditioning more clearly to master emotional intelligence and resilience.

Nurture with Self-Care: Develop a personalized self-care routine that suits your lifestyle and nervous system needs. Learn to schedule activities for relaxation, joy, and rejuvenation.  

Develop Boundaries: Learn to establish and maintain healthy boundaries in personal and professional life to protect energy and time. 

Activate Prosperity Mindset: Shift from scarcity towards a mindset of prosperity and possibility.

Navigate Goals: Set clear, achievable goals in various life areas and create action plans to reach them, breaking tasks into manageable steps.

Cultivate Deep Inner Trust: Build a strong foundation of self-trust and intuition - Cultivating deep inner trust is essential for holistic abundance to enhance decision making, boost confidence, foster authentic living, reduce reliance on external validation.

Embrace community: Engage with the HolSol community for support, shared experiences, and motivation, fostering a sense of belonging and collective growth. Know you are not alone in your desire to spark positive change within yourself and your community.


Saying YES to the Founder's Round of the HolSol Abundance Activation gives you the following:

Along with weekly live coaching sessions for additional clarity, support and community interaction...

Bonus 1: Personalized Abundance Recalibration- A tailored plan addressing individual goals and concerns. Plus an essential oil and protocol instructions carefully chosen for you.

Bonus 2: Community of HolSol Catalysts: Exclusive access to a supportive community for shared growth and networking.

Bonus 3: HolSol App Access:  Full access to the HolSol app's resources and tools as they come online.

Bonus 4: Discounted Ongoing Coaching For Founding Members for 2024- Special rates for continuous coaching, including accountability calls and updated content.

Ready To Unlock a Life of Balance & Fulfillment That Leads to Exponential Growth?

in body, mind, business and soul.

Are you female entrepreneur, creative professional or business owner who desires exponential success, without sacrificing true serenity and balance in your life?

The HolSol Abundance 6-Week Activation is meticulously crafted for women like you.

It’s your gateway to activating holistic abundance and making balancing serenity with exponential success your new norm in 2024 and beyond.

The Mission.

The mission of the 6-Week HolSol Abundance Activation is to empower female identifying entrepreneurs and business owners to activate holistic abundance, achieve a harmonious balance between personal well-being and professional success, and to ignite transformative growth in all aspects of their lives.

The Vision.

Unlock a world where SERENITY AND SUCCESS aren't just dreams, but your everyday reality.

The HolSol Abundance Activation is your six-week journey to a life where business thrives, creativity soars, and personal well-being flourishes.

Tailored for the ambitious woman who desires INNER SERENITY & OUTER SUCCESS - this program redefines the essence of success – it's about more than just financial gains; it's about enriching every facet of your life.

The Map.

Experience the transformation as you navigate through our A.B.U.N.D.A.N.C.E./T.H.R.I.V.E. framework, meticulously designed to harmonize your professional ambitions and your inner needs. From setting transformative goals to cultivating true abundance consciousness, each step is a leap towards a life of rich balance, fulfillment, and joy.

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"I love this Yoga Studio so much. The instructors are all incredibly supportive and inviting. I've never been so challenged in a Yoga class before and I feel stronger after each session."


Experience Serenity and Success at HolSol.

Emily Polonus 2023